Posted by Admin | February 8th, 2010

Every Superbowl we all look forward to the advertisements that are put out. However, the best advertisements every year are the ones made by Bud Light. Last year’s ads, though, were found to be a flop with consumers–who expected the same routine, a funny advertisement. Anheuser-Busch InBev, the maker of Bud Light’s commercials, created

…a spot in which people form a human bridge to help a Bud truck make it into town, and another Bud Light ad that had men talking in electronically distorted voices.

The bridge ad was “classic Bud, a spot that shows the can-do sprit of America,” said Mark DiMassimo, chief of New York ad firm DiGo.

Bud Light can’t be beat for creativity and the spots got good marks. For 2.5 million+, I hope they get the consumer bang for their advertising buck. I find it highly unlikely, though, that a debt-and-stress ridden economy is going to respond well to advertisements just because they are funny or clever.