Posted by Admin | April 29th, 2010

Hewlett Packard has announced the purchase of Palm, the smartphone creator that has been struggling as of late. Palm is the make of the Pre and the Pixi, both of which were well-received but failed to keep the company out of trouble.

The deal gives H.P. access to Palm’s homegrown software that can run phones, as well as other types of devices like computer tablets. H.P. has historically worked with partners for such technology — a strategy that has resulted in plummeting smartphone sales and tardiness in introducing mobile products.For Palm, H.P.’s acquisition represents a lifeline for a company that had recently put itself up for sale after consumers failed to respond to its new smartphones.

Analysts were quick to say that H.P.’s deep pockets and clout with retailers and carriers should breathe new life into Palm. Still, they also warned that melding a pair of flagging mobile phone businesses comes with obvious challenges.

This is definitely a risky move for Hewlett Packard, but one that could pay off big. They have been slowly losing their grip on their market share and this could be the move that puts them back in the game.